• A Bag’s Life

    A BIG campaign with a small protagonist.

    The Challenge

    I set myself a challenge to create an animation about the recycling issue that plastic bags cause. While doing research, the initial project evolved and became a big campaign idea.

    My approach

    I noticed how people do not take care of their plastic bags and I decided to do something to change this. After surveying people I found out that most of us buy bags because we forget them and so I created a campaign to remind families to always bring their bags with them.

    My audience

    The target audience of this project are kids. As the introduction video explains, they would be taught to remind their parents to take their bags with them so that they won't need to buy them anymore. I decided to target families as they are most likely to consume more bags than couples or single individuals.

    How does it work?

    Within a grocery store, illustrations will be placed by different areas of the shop. They will direct families to the Children Area where they can leave their kids to participate into activities that will teach them the importance of recycling. While parents are doing their food shopping, children will also be able to make their bag for life during 'Build a Bag'. Families could make donations to 'A Bag's Life' in order to keep the project ongoing. The first aim of the campaign is to push families to reuse plastic bags, however, it does want to direct families to use bags for life as well.