• Feel Better Artist

    The Challenge

    Artists and creators unfortunately have to deal with some conditions out of their control: Sitting down a lot, stress due to really short deadlines, experience loneliness while working on their own projects, lose inspiration, anxiety due to their financial situation and so on. All these causes have a negative impact on their physical and mental wellbeing.

    How does it work?

    Feel Better Artist is a campaign with the aim of bringing artist together and, with the #artercises, push creators to approach exercising with a different perspective, take more breaks between work, relax and establish a better relationship with exercising and their profession or hobby.

    The App

    By login in the app, artists can create their own profile and show off their work, win prizes by uploading their #artercises work and contact other creators who live nearby to arrange collaborations or walk to the park to draw. Campaign's website: www.feelbetterartist.com