• #FindGodiva

    The Challenge

    The luxury brand of chocolates, Godiva, was planning to open new shops in the UK. They wanted to engage a younger audience and make their brand memorable when announcing the opening of their stores throughout the UK.

    My approach

    During this project I worked with a partner. We reviewed the brief and added some key points to address our ideas in a more specific direction. We wanted to involve our target audience actively, make the campaign magical and push on sharing special moments, all withouth devaluing the brand.  


    The whole campaign is basically a huge chocolate treasure hunt. First of all a video would be shared on Social Medias to attract and involve a young audience to participate in the finding activities. The treasure hunt would take place in all the cities where Godiva will open their stores.


    Staff will be distributing limited edition puzzle pieces in different landmarks of the city. Once the puzzle is completed, it will show the shape of Godiva's Heart limited edition box. Participants will also be able to customise the look of their final gadget choosing from different pieces with different words. They will also be able to share the puzzle they made with their special person and win chocolates in store once they'll open.

    The Main Concept

    The main idea behind the whole campaign is that rather then announce directly where and whan the new shops will open, the target audience will find out the answer through a fun treasure hunt. Potential customers will get involved in an active way, playing, sharing and winning chocolate prizes.