• PetPot

    The Challenge

    29 million tones of household waste is produced annually in the UK. One million, one hundred and sixty thousand tons is old toys. Producing toy’s packaging creates a great amount of waste. Most toy’s packaging, once opened, goes straight in the bin and becomes waste.

    My approach

    My primary research highlighted how gardening has been proved to have great bene ts on children such as teaching responsibility, teach about the growth process, teach long term commitment and encourage communication between family members. By working 1 to 1 with Marissa and other children, I could understand their needs and their interest and so design a toy alongside them and their feedback.

    How does it work?

    PetPot is an educational kit that allows children to grow their edible plant, take care of it on a daily basis, feed it with its packaging and have fun learning. The kit comes with a recycled pot speci cally designed to appeal to children, soil wrapped in a bre pot which is needed to allow the seeds to germinate, a free mess water device that enhance the playing experience by making the watering process fun, seeds, simple illustrated instructions that include recipes and can be coloured; the packaging itself, which is made out of plants food and is designed to be cut into pieces to obtain food for 24 months and a reminder board. The aim of PetPot is to teach children the beauty of long term commitment while encouraging them to communicate with their parents by sharing their progress with them.