• Respira

    'Respira' - Italian word for Breath.

    The Challenge

    Finding out that my sister was experiencing panic attacks pushed me to help her by doing what I always do: design stuff.

    My approach

    What is the object that all the teenagers keep always with them? Obviously their phones. An App was the best way to reach people. After researching and exercising on relaxing techniques, me and my testers found that breathing exercises were the best way to control anxiety. I wanted my App to appeal to teenagers. Instead of telling them how to breath, I wanted them to play with the App and do breathing exercises at the same time. The idea was to create a game where the user could follow patterns with his finger and synchronise his breathing with his finger’s movements. To test the idea, I first practised with acrylic paint and made other people test the exercises too.

    My audience

    The target audience of this project are mainly teenagers. The whole project started from a personal experience and I worked really close to my sister to help her by creating something that could actually be useful for her and others. This is why the App is called 'Respira' - because that is what I tell my lovely Italian sister a lot.

    The process

    While working with my sister, I collected loads of research material. I created a journey book showing the whole process from the very beginning. I printed and binded the book on my own, making a double transparent cover to visualize the Respira logo and its 3D feel.