• Student’s Portrait

    The Challenge

    During my course at AUB I came across very interesting people and I decided to work with three other Graphic Design students and make a portrait of the campus.

    My approach

    First of all I set up a survey with my peers. We all agreed that we wanted to ask questions in an unusual way and we came up with the idea of collecting data through a twister game.

    The Result

    We documented our research and experimented with the photos that we took. I then studied the shape of each body and I could identify different interesting designs. Making those 3D lead me to think about bringing these shapes into AUB as chairs or just stylish pieces of furniture around university to represent its students.

    My role within the team

    Throughout this group project, I mainly worked on researching, creating the starting visuals, making the 3D pieces and the final design into Cinema4D. I also took care of photoshooting our outcome.