An Onion's Quest
An adventure game that mixes 2D and 3D elements in a shoot-'em-up boss rush.
This was a submission for the 2023 edition of the Boss Rush Game Jam with the theme 'Makeshift'.
Programming - Marco Minganna.
2D artist - Lucia Paganini.
3D artist - Gabriele Favaretto.
Music & sound effects - Massimo Falanga.
2D transparent elements were placed in a 3D environment as a test. This visuals worked really well and Onion's world became more dynamic and the perfect place to fit both flat Onion and the 3D evil characters.
By keeping the 2D hero of the story small and cute in contrast to the more threatening looking 3D characters, we managed to find an interesting way to use the difference between graphic styles.
As part of the process of designing Onion, after the game jam I played around in the 3D world to find him a suitable home, objects and hobbies he would enjoy to relax from the tiring fighting. This is a test of materials and lightning.
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